Enhancing Life, Optimizing Performance

Are you an active adult that loves to stay fit, but struggle with pain and discomfort that is keeping you sedentary? At VIP PT, we understand the importance of maintaining your active lifestyle. An injury untreated will keep you from enjoying the activity you love. We can personalize your physical therapy, customize your treatment, and get you back in the game. Contact us for a 20 for $20 consultation.

What to Expect During Physical Therapy Treatment

1. Treatment Plan

Your therapist will develop a comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment plan and discuss it with you during your initial evaluation.

2. Open Communication

We’ll communicate with you and your doctor throughout your treatment to monitor and keep you up-to-date on your progress.

3. Therapy

Hands-on therapy, exercise, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning used to help improve your physical strength, reduce pain and avoid recurrence of future injury.

A Different Approach to Physical Therapy

As a member of VIP PT, you can plan on specialized treatment, access when you need it, and healthier living. You rely on a trainer to keep you fit, but when you are injured, you limit your recovery to the flexibility of your health plan. With VIP PT, you don’t have to wait until a nagging injury takes you out of the game to address it.

VIP PT’s inspiration to help others understand their condition, understand that there are simple movement solutions, and that pain does not have to be a permanent part of their lives is the KEY motivation for opening of VIP PT. In order to help people we had to create something out of the standard of the physical therapy industry which has become very time restrictive, less patient oriented, and very busy/crowded clinics.

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