Welcome to our first blog! First and foremost if you are reading we would like to thank you very much and we are excited to continue to connect with you and provide you with valuable content regularly so your participation and feedback is appreciated and welcomed. 

The first topic that we MUST discuss is the INSPIRATION behind the opening of VIP PT. And conveniently that inspiration begins with YOU!! 

People, patients, clients, humans, the community whatever nomenclature we would like to use but the passion and inspiration to help others understand their condition, understand that there are simple movement solutions, and that pain does not have to be a permanent part of their lives is the KEY motivation for opening of VIP PT. In order to help people we had to create something out of the standard of the physical therapy industry which has become very time restrictive, less patient oriented, and very busy/crowded clinics. 


At VIP PT it is our main goal to provide an unprecedented experience that creates a great relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider. Far too often in healthcare there is very little TIME to get to know the patient, understand their lives, understand the demands of their lives, and to be able to WHOLE picture together to assist that patient. We were looking to create a way that we could spend as much time as possible in helping YOU meet your goals and manage your symptoms.

Connecting with patients at a deeper level requires a significant amount of time and in most settings that time is not available. We wanted to create a way that time did not always seem rushed and so that the Doctor of physical therapy would be able to be apart of every second of the treatment session, plan of care setting, and more available to help educate patients to achieve better results. 


Results matter right??? WE WANT RESULTS! Results for our patients and helping them achieve their goals is paramount in the inspiration behind the opening of VIP PT.  Traditional PT typically consists of going to a clinic with one problem, spending 6-8 weeks at 2-3x/week to address that one problem, and then being discharged to a home plan. At VIP PT we WANT to do more, we don’t our role in your lives to be the person you go see when injury stricks, we want to be a partner to you in rehab process, be available when you have questions, address other body parts that come up and are most likely playing a role in your condition and treat you as an entire person versus one body part. We WANT this because we are proud of our brand of PT and the RESULTS that we achieve with each of our patients. 


The third key inspiration behind the opening of VIP PT is creating VALUE for the patients. We work very hard to create an experience that provides unprecedented value to people’s lives. This comes from respecting time, focusing on treatments that are beneficial and evidence-informed, and being available (mentally and physically) to help people get through difficult times that involve injury recovery and pain.

Thank you for being a part of the VIP PT journey.